Not Making Much of a Dent...

Sadly, not much progress to report on the weaving front. I did start my sampler and noticed almost immediately that wider is a bit more difficult – I have already made many more mistakes than I did on either of the two narrow pieces that I’ve done previously (as is painfully obvious in this photo).

I have also discovered something that is apparently as true for me with weaving as it is with sewing – I'm less motivated when I do not find my materials aesthetically pleasing. I am just not loving this black and white yarn combination, and I think that is contributing to my lack of progress.

Not to say that I don’t have lots of other excuses available as well! ;)

But I am going to try to remember this and make an effort to select colors and textures that I find attractive whenever possible in the future.

I have had a couple of happy mail days since my last post. My subscription to Hand Woven started up and I got 2 issues within the space of about a week!

And the yarn for my grandmother’s scarf came in. As you may remember, I ordered JaggerSpun Zepher (4/8) DK Wool/Silk blend from Halcyon and complained a bit about the price. But, wow, is it soft! It feels SO luxurious between my fingers that I almost feel guilty fondling it! ;)

I’m going to finish my current sampler before warping this yarn. I realize that the weather is warming up, but the temperature outdoors is pretty much moot, because she rarely leaves her house and is not likely to wear it very many times anyways. Just receiving it will make her happy, and that will be the point of this particular gift. :)

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skiingweaver said...

Yup, yarn is crazy expensive... And hooray for the Handwoven magazines!! :) (Glad you got the last issue, too!) (I have a project in it. Toot toot.) As for projects you don't like - this still happens to me sometimes... I'm a bit more persistent than I used to be, but I actually think my willingness to just completely cut off a warp that I wasn't enjoying while I was learning helped in the long run by making me *really* comfortable with the warping process. Of course, at that point I was working still and had more money than time, lol!

Life Looms Large said...

Zephyr is beautiful but expensive yarn. But everyone I know who uses it loves it - I'll bet you will too! (And your grandmother, and everyone who sees the scarf you make for her!)

I'm sensitive to color too - and if I'm not thrilled with the color - even in a sampler - it takes more effort for me to get myself to weave.

Actually, I also quickly got tired of just making samples, so I started alternating samples with finished projects. Now I appreciate samples more...especially because I have a borrowed table loom at the moment that I'm using just for samples.

Good luck moving past this sample and onto something that you'll love!!!


Susan Johnson said...

I hope you didn't get completely stuck here. If you don't like the warp, try something all together different for weft. Skinny cut silk rags, for instance. Of course, I think rag weaving is the cure for all ills. I also advocate the guiltless cutting off with the scissors of anything holding you back. It's only yarn. Make pom-poms out of it.