My yarn came in!

Well, most of it... Some of it is on back order. Sigh... :(

These are the yarns that I ordered for the 5 exercises at the end of the chapter on "Plain Weave Variations" in the Chandler book. You can see that I'm still sticking pretty closely to thicker wools - the thought of moving to thinner cottons and silks makes me nervous. But the yellow is thinner than anything I've woven with to date! Baby steps... ;)

The exercises have me practicing a plain weave, rib weave, basket weave and twill while changing sett, in a plaid, and using yarns of different weights and textures. I'll also be trying a log-cabin pattern. That looks really cool in the pictures!

I'll try to get the loom warped for the first exercise in the evenings after work this week. I'd love to be ready to go next weekend! What are you working on this week?

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Life Looms Large said...

Nice colors!!! That should keep you busy for a while!! (But bummer on the backorder....I hate when that happens!)

I'm on the twill chapter in the Chandler book....just wound the first warp for that.

And I've got huck towels on my Baby Wolf....I finally got started weaving after trying to de-mystify draw-in.

Good luck getting the loom set up, and have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

The yarns look so enticing - lovely! and much easier/more fun to learn with colours and fibres that excite you. Good idea about baby steps, nothing worse than pushing too hard and fast and just getting stuck.

Geodyne said...

Yay loot! The colours will be lovely together.

I do like the measured approach you're taking.