Some Nibbles from my First Sampler

Well, the "slight hitch" extended beyond the reed to the heddles, but I was able to sort it out and fix it, and then the weaving began! :)

The most fun bit was diving into The Handweaver's Pattern Dictionary by Anne Dixon and trying some of the patterns! The thing that made me especially happy was that I was able to "crack" the code myself. (Although, later I read the chapter in the Chandler book that explained it beautifully.)

I even experimented with different tie-ups:

Man, I have to say that the Chandler book is EXCELLENT! I tried some weaving before reading the relevant chapter, and experienced a few issues - such as the twill packing more tightly, having difficulty rolling the fabric forward, and getting little loops of yarn along the selvedges.

THEN I read the chapter and found out that she had covered EVERY single one of those issues! It was like she was psychic! (Or possibly, has taught hundreds of beginners and thus knows exactly what problems we typically have...) Note to self - from now on, read first! ;)

So, my selvedges are pretty crappy, I certainly do NOT have control over my ppi, and who knows how well I've maintained the right tension in my warp - but I'm having a blast and I'll learn! :)

Do you remember your first piece? What was it and how did it come out? Did you save it?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your zig zags look nice! You are going to be an expert weaver in no time :)


Shannon said...

I think it looks great!!! One thing I've learned along the way is that I am always working on something to make my work look better. I think you're off to a great start. My first piece is in my attic. I wove it on an old antique barn loom with the wonderful woman who taught me to weave. I should take it out and take a look at it. ;)

AmeliaSews said...

What a great start! William says the selvedges come with practice.
I'm posting pictures of his latest project tonight. Come by and see

AmeliaSews said...

Oh, I forgot. ... William also uses a temple, to hold the selvedges out. The following site has some good information on temples and I will show you the ones William made- it would be a good use for your first weaving project if you have not thought of anything else.

sheilabythebeach said...

I hear you! My selvedges are very sad too and I can't even talk ppi yet...
I have the Chandler book and really like it but I am relying on my teacher since I learn better that way!