A Slight Hitch in Warp Speed

On Saturday I finished sleying the reed and threading the heddles. Sunday I worked on attaching my warp to the back and front beams of the loom. Here are my threads tied to the apron for the back beam:

When I went to wind the threads onto my back beam, I discovered a missing piece of hardware. I don't have a crank handle. My husband supplied a metal ruler that did the trick. And I ordered a real one on Monday morning! ;)

Next, here are the threads tied to the apron on the front beam:

The next step was to make a header. I chose to use panty hose. (I wasn't the least bit influenced by how much I hate wearing them and how fun it was to cut up a few pairs!)

And THAT was when I discovered the hitch...

Yup, out of 120 ends, I had made exactly one mistake - two threads through the same dent, with no empty dent on either side. Truthfully, I'm not upset. It strikes me as reasonable to have made one mistake my first time. Also, I was interested in the process of how the error revealed itself to me and how I was able to diagnose the problem. Definitely a learning experience and it reassures me that I will be able to understand things - they won't just happen by accident or remain a mystery to me...

It looks like I'll have to unsley about 40 ends to fix the mistake - it wasn't quite in the middle of the warp, but almost! This will be good practice too. I've got a business trip this week, so I probably won't get back to it until next weekend. I'm getting really excited to start weaving! :)

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SunnyQ said...

WOW! Only ONE mistake on your first go?! That's GREAT! GOOD JOB! :)