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Dear EW,

I just bought my first loom! My only experience weaving is 30 minutes on a demonstration loom at a fiber arts conference - I don't know how to thread one or anything. I have ordered this book:

But, I was wondering, are there any other books that you would recommend for a beginner?



photo credit: snikrap

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AmeliaSews said...

Gwen- I asked my husband and that was exactly the book he recommended you find! He also really likes The Big Book of Weaving by Laila Lundell. It has a big information section in it, mainly dealing with Swedish style looms (ie. those by Glimakra), but he has gleaned some good information from there also.

skiingweaver said...

I actually taught myself to weave from this exact book! It's so clearly written, it is fantastic, I think... I worked through some of her projects and then started picking up back issues of Handwoven magazine. I was completely ruthless about cutting projects off the loom at first (now I tend to try to fix mistakes) and therefore I set up a *lot* of warps in my first year or so of weaving - that really helps, I think, to build muscle memory, if that makes sense.

Sue said...

Never fear....I learned to weave basically the same way with that same book. I did some samples from there, and then some projects out of Handwoven.

One of the weavers in my weaving study group is an excellent seamstress (like you). She does amazing things sewing with her handwoven fabric. I'm sure you will too!!

Good luck!!! When you have questions, the weaving group on yahoo is a great community full of answers! Also, finding local weavers at your local guild is great too!!