A Little Care

I spent most of last weekend giving my loom a light sanding and a lemon oil massage. I also took some fine steel wool to the reed - gently, of course. She looks so beautiful now! (Do people name their looms?)

I had to order some miscellaneous parts - a warping board, shuttles, bobbin threader and a hook to thread the heddles and sley the reed. It is all scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. I can't wait!

I found a couple of videos on youtube that illustrate threading the loom: this one from maidensweaver and this one from Cassandra225.

I have next Monday off - hopefully with a three day weekend and all my equipment, I can thread my loom for the first time! Wish me luck! :)

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Christine said...

Yay for 3 day weekends! And This background is simply perfect for your new blog. I love it!