One Sampler and Many Samples!

On Sunday, I took my first sampler off the loom. I simply made overhand knots - while it was still on the loom under tension - to tie it off:

I washed it in cold water with shampoo to finish it. It probably doesn't look like much to anyone but me, but I'm happy with all I learned on this project. :)

Okay, not to mention relieved that it didn't all collapse into a huge tangled knot the minute it left the loom! ;)

I still need to scrutinize it carefully and make note of things like the amount of (weft) draw-in, etc. I did estimate almost one yard of loom waste in the warp! Yikes! :(

As for the "many samples" - I took Susan's advice and ordered a bunch of yarn samples. More specifically, I ordered Halycon's Yarn Store in a Box ($40 + shipping).

Here is the complete set of cards that came in my box:

Here is a close-up view to give you a better sense of the variety of yarns that the cards cover:

Each card gives a lot of useful information, such as how to care for the yarn and the tabby and twill setts.

This is absolutely perfect for me, as I know nothing about yarns. :)

Part of me wants to jump in and start on a "real" project. However, Chapter 6 of the Chandler book has 5 weaving homework assignments at the end, focusing on practicing plain-weave variations.

One of the nice things (for me) about getting older is gaining some patience as well. So, I'm going to work on her exercises. (Well, some of them, anyways - I might not be THAT patient!) I know that I'll learn important things and gain practice that will contribute to the quality of my first "real" project. :)

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Sue said...

Your first sample looks great!! Congratulations!

I've got the yarn store in a box too!! It's like a yarn education - and it makes it much easier to order from Halcyon when the time comes....or from whomever.

One thing I did at the beginning of my weaving, was get a couple of kits - so I could do some samples and also weave some projects from kits. That was fun for me because I could start wearing (scarf) or using (dishtowels) things I'd made - and I didn't have to have as much expertise as if I'd designed a project myself, or even copied one out of Handwoven.

But of course, if you can be patient, that's good too!!! I did get in over my head a little bit with one of the kits - which was a warp with 8 dishtowels on things started going awry toward the end of that warp!

Weave on!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I too got the yarn in a box when I first started weaving. As time passed, when I needed new cards because colors changed or yarns were added, they sent those cards to me free. I think Halcyon's service is wonderful.

Shannon said...

Hooray!!! Your project looks great! ;) Thank you for sharing photos of your yarn in a box too!


Leigh said...

Those sample cards look really useful.

I really like Chandler's book. In fact my first "on my own" piece was her very first sampler! Looked something like yours but in yellow and orange. On of my cats later claimed it, so it turned out to be useful after all.

Susan said...

I'm glad you took the plunge and bought the sample box. It's a great resource and quite helpful with all the information there to help you.

Naturally, I buy Canadian sample kits....but if the exchange rate was to be even, I would buy the Halcyon one in a heart beat. You might want to see if Webs has one too. Check the latest Handwoven for big name retailers for yarn and ask. Not all yarns are spun or dyed the same and variety would be helpful as you learn.

Well done on your sampler!